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One must accept that a lot of inconsistencies about China will never sound good in terms of the Western mindset. However, China, whose Communist Party government turns 70 today, treads the path of growth, carrying occasional embarrassment of inconsistency.
A similar China that is acclaimed for the infringement of its human rights is the China that has been able to elevate more than 900 million individuals out of destitution, which is evident as per figures of increase of capita GDP from $89 in 1960 to nearly $10,000 today.
The China where rural children used to burn waste rubbish to keep warm is a similar China that had a weekly contribution of at least two billionaires by the end of 2017 and simultaneously the life expectancy where future improved from 45 years in 1960 to almost 90 years today.
Nevertheless, people observe China, nowadays, that it cannot be disregarded, particularly by big investors regardless of nationality.


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