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A crash course in statistics delves into key statistical methods, namely Chi Square, t-test, ANOVA and descriptive statistics. It equally gives an overview of statistical methods as well as various discussions of the statistical tests relating to various database culled from various sources, like the survey of student spending on textbooks, etc. Also, detailed demonstration of various data analysis in SPSS was considered via statistical test. Descriptive statistics, being an outstanding aspect of this broad field, was considered in detail, as well as the field of nonparametric statistics. Furthermore, this text will look into the One-Way and the Two-Way statistics.
Parametric and nonparametric statistics is a very important aspect of the subject matter, thereby necessitating their mention in this text. Mention will be made of their theories and practical aspect towards enlightening the reader about how each of them is applied in real-life situations. Also, the reader will get enlightened on how each of these statistical methods differs.
Aside from the basic concepts of probability that will be discussed in this text, mentioned will equally be made of Conditional probability, probability description, and discreet random variables. Besides, the relationship between probability distribution and continuous random variables will be mentioned. Additionally, the text will discuss the central limit theorem as well as the sampling distribution of the Sample Mean.
As much as possible, this write-up will only focus on the basics and foundational aspects of the field of statistics since the purpose is focused mainly on building a foundation on the subject matter.


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