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This e-book is to analyze the sports features such as product and business. The sports assume new positions and face new challenges in the context of the sports entertainment industry. Issues such as the current sports market economy and the values of sports product become a priority in management and sports marketing process. Thus, making it essential to modernization and professionalization of the sport, the point of view of business.

Sport at different times has proven to be very distinct from any other entertainment activity and has moved billions of dollars annually worldwide. The steady growth of sports marketing in recent years has grown given the marketing actions for the game coming from the fact that this promote a product and service implicitly to the consumer, making it part of the environment and not stealing the show from the main focus which is the sporting event itself. It is a characteristic of product placement that is only possible because the sport involves a range of procedures that allow the use of different strategies and tactics, which are considered the site of the competition. The uniforms of the athletes, the positioning of the equipment, the location for the public and other supporting characters who participate in that sporting event. For companies, the sport promotes rejuvenation, dynamism, and friendliness, managing to offer a quick and direct communication with your target audience, as it facilitates market segmentation and regionalization of the media.


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