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Speed learning is a set of learning strategies that aim to achieve higher learning levels without unacceptably reducing understanding or retention. It is closely connected with speed reading but involves other learning techniques such as evaluation, listening, discussion, questioning and reflective analysis. The traditional approach is to use methods or a series of procedures that have been proven to provide a more effective roadmap to achieving the same objective. Some of the methods have persisted since ancient times, such as Mnemonics, while others have been the consequence of more recent scientific work such as Forgetting Curves.

Speed listening is a sub-classification of speed learning where students try to increase the pace at which they can listen while maintaining complete understanding. It allows students to absorb more details while listening in a shorter span of time. It is most widely used when using text-to-speech applications such as Speechify, audiobook services such as Audible, or Apple iTunes Podcast apps, etc. Entrepreneur Cliff Weitzman and speed learner Max Deutsch have made their marks to be credited with redeeming this learning type.


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