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Not being up-to-speed on tax practices and procedures can lead to errors that cost businesses thousand folds of dollars in fines and penalties every year. Small Business Taxes For Dummies helps owners of small businesses and aspiring current with important issues of tax planning. For the expected 21 million small business owners in the US, the country’s tax codes continue to change and increase in complexity.

This book arms you to important issues of tax planning, including: tax planning advice throughout the year and expense control input; Small business decisions and basics costs; commercial use of their domestic tax and self-employment; creating an ongoing fiscal routine; dealing with the IRS and where to find help; navigate audits and warnings; and more.

– It guides you through the current tax laws and ensures that you understand your rights and obligations
– Supports small business owners preserve time and money
– enables you to learn and provide your tax documents

The master tips and information presented in this book is for the millions of small businesses as you are looking for a guide to the latest codes and tax regulations.


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