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Certainly, have you ever wondered how to use marketing strategies to promote your business. This is a doubt for many entrepreneurs, after all, there are thousands of tools available. And for small businesses, where resources are more limited, the challenges of marketing are much higher. With this in view, the internet comes in as a cost-effective solution and efficient for micro and small businesses who want to increase the visibility of your business. The internet is no longer something new.

Daily, we make use of e-mail, we access the sites, bought in stores, we use social networks. However, to have it incorporated into our lives so quickly we forget sometimes that these users present on the internet, are also our customers and consumers. More than surfing the internet, users are dictating the rules and trends, shaping the relationship of consumers with the marks. Ways and strategies to attract customers! This is the central focus of this book. If you have Responsibility for some company (nor that it is only you), knows very well the importance of customers. They are: the reason of existence of the business, who brings the money and, yet, the best source of dissemination. Henry Ford had already well placed: “It is the employer who pays the wages, but the customer.” Well, as the person responsible for a small business, you are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain customers. This is what makes your business turning. Attract, retain, attract, hold…But, for that to happen we need, more than anything else, a quality service.


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