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Who are we? Where we came from? Where are we going? Here are some questions that carry throughout life and are more present from the metanoia (or second half of life) – Greek word that has two roots: meta, which means both “significant change” and “beyond,” derived from nous, a word of multiple and complex meanings, including “higher consciousness” – when man begins to wonder about the meaning of life, in search of spirituality. Respond to them has been the great challenge of science, performing research and studies in an attempt to clarify such mysteries.
What brought this work can not carry the truth claim, but is only an understanding of reality mode. Nothing I can say about the origin or purpose of man since the process still takes place, that is, there is always a “being” (becoming, coming-to-be), a processing that seems to have to do with what Jung called “individuation” – or principle individuation – which is to carry out or consciously realize the full potential of each. What is up with this work is only the communication of compliance.


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