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Hyperactivity can be classified in three different categories as inattentive type, hyperactive-impulsive type and combination type. These are mainly among ADHD disorder. There is another kind of category, predominantly hyperactive or impulsive; this is the least common type as the person will show impulsive behavior and need to move constantly. Impatience, aggressiveness, easily aroused hostility, competitive nature, and similar behaviors are seen among this kind of people. If the child from this behavior can be shown to a psychiatrist at an early stage can be better lately. Hyperactivity seems to be better at the adult age where people are up to construct their career where quick decision-making capability and courage and always active nature is actually fruit full rather than the academic lessons. Hyperactivity disorder can effect on two domains, one is attention and the other is self-control. With the effect on attention, people can’t get focused on a single job or have a tendency to start multiple jobs at a time and not been able to complete anyone. This kind of people are seen to have a tendency to not follow the directions properly and when they are talking to people are often seen to be disorganizing, cannot organize their sentence according to word and time. In the self-control domain, it is seen that the people cannot seat for long or stand still or the children to leave their seats inappropriately in a classroom, for adults when they are sitting, they have excessive motor movement continuously. Although it can get better by medication from an early stage, it is not a completely curable disease.


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