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Each and everyone is feared by some or the other thing in their lives. When a person finds itself in a difficult situation or is threatened by something, then fear is contemplated to be the appropriate response of the body. Fear is an emotion which one feels when he/she experiences or passes through a dangerous situation or through a situation of perceived threat.
When the body experiences the feeling or emotion of fear, it responds in two ways: Biochemical Reaction and Emotional Response. Biochemical response of the body is generally referred to as the fight or flight response of the body in which the body prepares itself to either fight with the situation or fly away from the situation. This is considered to be an evolutionary development which is important for our survival. Every individual’s way of physically reacting to fear is more or less the same however the emotional response is contemplated to be a personalized response of the body to fear and hence differs from one individual to another.
The subject of Psychology of Fear differentiates fear as conscious, and fear as an unconscious, fear as emotion and fear as a feeling, fear as anxiety and fear in phobias and lastly fear with bodily actions and fear without bodily actions. This is done in order to understand the nature of fear and then take a probable course of action to cure it.


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