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The emergence of color psychology as a subject is considered to be one of the newest branches in psychology. Color Psychology is defined as the science or the study of the effects that colors tend to have over the moods, behaviors or feelings of the people. Color psychology is used in various fields because of the effects that colors tend to have over different determinants of human behavior. Color Psychology is considered to be a part of modern psychology.
Colors help in determining the various unclear perceptions. There is no direct relation between the perception and color however they greatly complement each other. Colors help in improvising the effectiveness of the placebos. Color Psychology is widely used in the field of marketing and branding. The big companies and business consider color as an important part of their marketing strategy due to the fact that the colors of their products, goods, and services highly affect the perceptions and emotions of their customers which as a result determines the purchase rates of the products, goods or services. Colors have been used for treating the illnesses of the people which is known as Chromotherapy. Colors also affect the performing ability of an individual. A relation exists between the color and the time.
Hence, it can be said that the color psychology is used in diverse fields and constitutes an important part of our lives.


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