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Positive thinking is all about seeing the positive side of everything. It is an emotional and mental attitude focusing on the bright side of life and giving up negativity. The ones who substitute negative thoughts for positive thoughts are successful in life most of the times. Positive Psychology focuses on positivity and optimism, but at times one has to think on a realistic level. Positive thinking mentality can attract good health, happiness, success while making one courageous that he/she may overcome any of the obstacles, calamities or difficulties in life.
But, unfortunately, it is not followed or embraced by all. There are those who consider positive thinking to be nonsense and so there are so many suicidal cases. People give up hopes, aspirations and embrace negative thoughts to doubt their abilities and finally giving up their lives. It is said that success starts from the moment one starts thinking positively. The popularity of positive thinking is on the rise and that is why there are so many lectures, books, and courses solely dedicated to positive thinking.


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