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Positive Intelligence measures the percentage of time your mind works in your favor instead of sabotaging you. While your IQ and your EQ (emotional intelligence) contribute to your maximum potential, your QP (positive intelligence quotient) that determines how much of that potential you achieve.

After some time most attempts to improve the professional and personal life fails. Think carefully. Why are almost all new-year resolutions left out? Why back to old habits after workshops, lectures or inspirational books? Why were most people dieting succumbs to the concertina effect?

The answer is sabotage. Your mind is your best friend. But it is also your worst enemy. Internal saboteurs are always active, but the good news is that they can be identified and weakened.

Positive Intelligence allows you to measure and significantly improve percentage time your mind works in your favor instead of sabotaging you.

With innovative techniques and tools, the book combines the best in neuroscience, positive psychology, organizational science and leadership to help you achieve the true potential for both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Be happy and fulfilled is to have high QP. What is QP? It is the positive intelligence quotient. It is measured through the emotions experienced and your reaction to them.

The author claims that constant feelings of anxiety, stress, anger, etc. demonstrate a low level of positive intelligence, and consequent unhappiness and failure.

How to increase the QP? Through three core strategies:

Be aware of your internal saboteurs: the main one is Critical Activate the five wise powers in you: empathy, curiosity, creativity, purpose and action QP strengthen muscles through meditative practices and simple.


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