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Doing and evolving with a political theory becomes easier for the students when they are reading the concepts presented here, in this book. Social and political philosophies learning become easier for the students where the mainstream academic political philosophies, take lead in the normative issues, across the nations. Universal content is occasional, whereas MPP, or the mainstream political philosophy, is just mainly parochial. To take inspiration from the societies other than the west, can hardly bring in references to the local problems. It takes scant notice, of the major cross-cultural issues, to acquire a unique, inflection in the different cultures. Western philosophies hardly become role model for students to acquire gist. Further, the difficulties are compounded just because of the non-availability of any good political science journals today. The book is just motivated by a unique but unflappable drive, to cater to the needs of those deserving students that are yearning for a quality textbook in the subject of political theory. It is gradually becoming an Inter disciplinary concept for any students from the other departments to pay heed. Contributors include the editors, and the students. So, it is dedicated to all the students, editors and contributors of all the kind, to be an excellent teaching cause.


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