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Before the roar of social media, marketers assumed that social media marketing was just a new craze which would fade away soon. The marketers were awestruck when social media started attracting attention of the users at a reckless pace. The social media marketing tool is inexpensive, and at the same time grabs the attention of several users at one go.
There are more than two billion users of internet online at any point of time, out of which 23% of their total time spent on the internet is spent on browsing the social sites. More than half of these users on the social sites are following a brand and almost everyone expects their brands to have an online presence. As long as there is internet social media will continue to be a platform for the brands and will be an essential part of marketing strategies.
Since their inception social networking sites have attracted millions of users, many of whom have assimilated these social sites into their daily routine. Different sites have varied ways of connecting friends and strangers so that they can share their interests, activities or views on different aspects of life. One such site that seems to be gaining rapid recognition is Pinterest.
Since its inception Pinterest has gained its popularity and seems to be capturing millions of hearts. This tool is now being sought by renowned brands to market their products. In this eBook we shall study everything about how you could use Pinterest to market your products and services, so as to boost your company’s sale. I will discuss how you can use the features of Pinterest and also give you tips to help you familiarize with this social site.


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