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Think of any organization to which you belong, there are many which you could tell such as the company which has hired you or some volunteer group or even anon-governmental organization. Many other organizations have a direct or indirect effect on your functioning such as state government or a hospital. Even a bank has some influence on you. By definition, even your family and friends form an organization. Now, let’s talk about all those organizations with whom you were associated in the past but now have left because of an issue. It could be either due to your dissatisfaction or you weren’t happy there or maybe you want to contribute more and take more participation but didn’t have the opportunity to do so. You might have also left a company because you weren’t getting recognized for your efforts or no one appreciated your work. Sometimes, even a change in the role of responsibilities makes you leave a company. Some people disassociate themselves from an organization when they do not feel a control on their work or couldn’t figure an acceptable path for your career development.
Now, all these problems can be solved if an organization puts the required amount of resources in Organizational Development. Organizational development is actually an inter-disciplinary which involves business, industrial, psychological as well as sociology in it. Even communication, human resources and management form a part of Organizational Development. Organizational Development is basically an effort which is planned, systematic, organized and managed to help improve an organization its productivity and refine its efficiency through a number of processes.


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