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RCT (Realistic Combat Training) can be used for the enhancement of the individual performance. It also brings about the improvement in the unit evaluations. It is also used for the honing of the readiness of the combat as well as for providing challenging and interesting training to the North Korean Army. RCT also helps in the improvement of the results of the SQT (Skill Qualification Test) as well as that of the ARTEP (Army training and evaluation program).
The manual has been prepared on the basis of the OPFOR (Opposing Force of the United States Army) program. This has been designed for the use of the military commanders, the training managers along with the commanders. This can be regarded as a training reference that can help in the identification of the North Korean country as a potential rival or adversary of the United States. In the description of this potential adversary, the information regarding the North Korean Army has been provided about the military forces as well as about the entire nation. The information also includes the strategic as well as tactical organization, doctrines, equipment and weapons. It also contains the notional OB (order of battle) that could be suitable for the various unclassified exercises as well as simulations.


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