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The antiquity of Native American bounces back hundreds of years ago till the extant. The aboriginal inhabitants left their mark in many climates and tribes in the form of ethnicities, relic’s and registers made by the white voyagers. When European explorers set foot on American soil and had dealings with the tribes of now Peru, Canada and Mexico is what marks the beginning of Native American history.
Their history is all about the tribes and the cities they built and sustained on fishing, hunting and fruits. They used urbane form of trade and the later generations of the tribes also used money. Most of the tribes were hoarders and hunters and desired to keep their ways. The tribes battled among themselves for superiority but amalgamated the captured tribes into their erudite political system which consisted of leading a number of small lands and creating governmental frames.
The tribes forgot their mutual enmities and stood one against the European settlers. However there were many tribes who sided the British just to avenge their rival tribes. At the time of French and Indian War, the tribes fought for French or British based on the side which their enemy tribe was. The history of Native America is full of such coalitions and conflicts.
This eBook discusses the ways of the Native American tribes. Their struggle for a decent life, their fight against the deadly diseases and their position in the society of today.


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