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The music business is part of the entertainment industry, a segment Billion dollars worldwide, surpassing the automotive sector in sales, behind only the defense industry. Artists and small producers do not have specific knowledge and skills to undertake their own business or to manage their career. This study sought to address the main issues in the areas of the music industry, entrepreneurship, finance, and marketingWe seek to present the issues through a simple language, using concrete examples and making critical remarks. The production chain of music is based primarily on two products: the disc and the show. The decline in record sales has turned the show on the main source of income for artists today. Entrepreneurship today comes as a response to unemployment, both for a newly formed 22 years of age, as well as a recently fired 40 years. Undertake means doing a project. The first step is to prepare the business plan. You need to control costs, have a competitive profit margin and calculate the taxes involved in each operation to benefit from the business and longevity in the artistic career. No organization survives on the market without a positive final balance. Selling records the shows is a strategy to earn two products recipe with a unique opportunity. The internet is a means to promote and sell music. It is a way to circumvent the commercial radio and put the products available to the world at no cost with stock and commission. All of this is marketing. In the final part of the work, we present a business plan template for a music band. The information entered in the program reflect the reality of the Brazilian market. The business model is prepared by national laws that favor microenterprise and small business.


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