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Microbiology, along with mathematics, chemistry, and physics, is one of the fundamental branches of basic sciences. The knowledge and detailed study of microorganisms and their functions can establish its use in a variety of applications, from medical, food and environmental, agricultural and industrial field. Thus, microbiology is consolidated as one of the pillars of biotechnology. In this specification the modern general microbiology, which is aimed to study morphology, their arrangements and reactions to staining processes, physiology, metabolism, characterization and identification of microorganisms.

When entering the microbial universe, you will be able to multiply their knowledge, but as in every discipline, will not be the issue here started exhausted, providing the resumption and completion of the issues addressed through activities and study suggestions in the virtual teaching environment course learning. An important source of information will be electronic sites on microbiology. Also, so you can better enjoy this material, we suggest dear student, you make a careful reading of the text, also exploring the figures that accompany and illustrate the explanations. As in any way, or in any new situation, there will be challenging times, which will lead us to changes, which are essential for our training.


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