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The particular colony of the Massachusetts Bay had been the British settlement located in Massachusetts during the 17th century. It had been the most successful as well as the profitable colonies in New England. The given Massachusetts Bay and its respective colonies had been founded the respective Massachusetts Bay Company at the time of the Migration of the Great Puritans. The Massachusetts Bay Company which had been strongly of the Puritan nature had been developing several businesses in the given New World for some years to be the latest New England Company. The respective company had then renamed the same to be the Massachusetts Bay Company which had occurred after the local Massachusetts Indian tribe that had been living in New England, and the given company had been granted a special charter by the King Charles I on 4th March, 1629 towards officially engaging in successful trading in the provinces of New England. The prosperous trade markets and industry of the given Massachusetts Bay had made it world-famous and resulted into it becoming a rich history. There have been several articles published about the Massachusetts Bay and its respective colonies that entice the historians and individuals from across the world. It remains a glorious thing of the past.


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