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The martial art of boxing is being practiced from the era of ancient Thira, maybe even before that. There are several purposes of practicing martial arts. The main goal is practicing combat since martial arts are a combination of codified systems and traditions of various combat techniques. The main reasons behind practicing martial arts are for self-defense, military and law enforcement. Sometimes it is even practiced to attain spiritual and mental peace and development. In some nations, martial arts are practiced and performed to serve entertainment in order to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of that particular nation.
In historical documents of eastern Asia, martial arts are associated with their own fighting style or fighting arts. However, the roots of original martial arts are found in the European combat system as early as in beginning of second half of sixteenth century. The term “Martial Art” is derived from Latin origins. In Latin, it is referred as “Arts of Mars”. Mars is the Roman god of war. There were many arguments made by several authors that fighting arts or fighting system would be more suitable for this ancient art. On the basis of their application or their creation by professional fighters, martial arts are never “martial”.
The base concept of martial arts is to make people understand and recognize the martial arts. Different stages of history describe the term of martial arts differently. This concept and relation will keep developing and changing as the society and martial arts does. The term martial art is referred with various names in the history. As described in Chinese history, martial arts were known as “attacks and defense skills” in the era of springs and autumn and the period of warring states. Term martial art was used in the era of Han dynasty and Ming dynasty. In Ching and Nan dynasty, tern martial arts were used in reference to several military affairs and practices. During the short period of Republic of China, martial arts were referred as Chinese martial arts. Later on, it became martial arts once and for all with the foundation of New China / Red China or the Peoples republic of china. As the history was progressing, cold weapons were disappearing eventually. Many professional martial arts weapons are now produced.


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