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Sitting inside a class, one student finds it easy to absorb information while another struggles with it. While one learner may excel in a particular subject another may do well in all the subjects. Trainees go through the same training to be graded differently according to the level of information they have absorbed and the understanding they show. Learning is a complex process.
It takes years for a person to understand certain subjects and he still works his way out of life with limited information because it is difficult to imbibe the overwhelming amount of knowledge present in the world today.
Depending on how information is absorbed, processed and retained, a number of learning theories have been formulated which help us understand the process of learning in individuals.
A number of factors decide the manner in which knowledge is acquired or information is processed by a person changing their views on certain subjects and forming new views about certain things.
Learning is related with different parts of the brain which plays an important role in processing any information that we receive. Every individual processes the information differently based on their strengths and weaknesses.
Educational psychology endeavors to gain an understanding about the different behaviors of an individual to a piece of information. This is used in analyzing the type of learning that can affect the individual the most.
Different schools of thoughts are available for finding out how education and information is absorbed by a learner. This books aims at exploring the different learning theories that currently exist and understanding the roots of the theory and gaining an insight into the reasons why these theories exist.


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