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Philosophy is not a “Lifestyle”. Each individual does not have his or her own “Logic”. Philosophy is not just a hypothesis about something. Nor is Philosophy a conviction or a wish. Logic is an action: a mission after intelligence. Philosophy is a movement of thought. Philosophy is a specific one of a kind sort of thought or style of considering. Logic is not to be mistaken for its item. What a savant gives is a group of rational thought NOT a Philosophy. A philosopher authorizes a Philosophy, a journey after intelligence.
Philosophy is not what collection of thought one might want to call one’s own or might want to have faith in; a decision based on individual inclinations or sentiments. The reasoning is an interest. One can be philosophical. One can be a logician. One can NOT pick a Philosophy. Philosophy, seeing that it might be connected at all to a “lifestyle”, is a type of intuition intended to guide activity or to endorse a lifestyle. The insightful lifestyle , if there is one, is shown in an existence in which activity is held to be best coordinated when philosophical reflection has given that heading; e.g., SOCRATES the worldview of a thinker.
Philosophy is a movement of thought, a kind of consideration. Philosophy is basic and extensive thought, the most basic and complete way of deduction which the human species has yet formulated. This scholarly process incorporates both an expository and manufactured method of operation. Philosophy as a basic and complete procedure of thought includes determining disarray, unmasking suspicions, uncovering presuppositions, recognizing significance, testing positions, revising twists, searching for reasons, looking at world perspectives and addressing calculated structures. It additionally incorporates dispersing obliviousness, advancing comprehension, expanding background, extending skylines, creating creative energy , controlling feeling, investigating values, altering convictions by balanced request, setting up propensities for acting, broadening contemplations, orchestrating information and questing for intelligence.
This was just what philosophy is anyway; want to know more about it? Read the entire book which covers the following topics:
What is philosophy?
The origins of philosophy
Belief systems, postmodernism and uncritical thinking.
Philosophy, opinions, and right answers
Branches of philosophy
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