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Also known as “the free market economy” or “ free enterprises”, capitalism represents and economic system which encompasses factories, production lines, shipping agencies and many other work fields where several people can own their private practices while employing others. Even the world “capital” is interconnected with all the different types of resources, such as human and material resources.
This book will present the reader with a brief history of the concept of capitalism, taking him or her on a journey which sets off in the 19th century and which has undergone many changes, resulting in what we call today “the free market”
Our book will show you how the free market works, where it originated from and how you can approach it in our modern times. We shall discuss about the authorized trading companies that tend to rule the market, Keynesianism and globalization and- of course- we could not even begin to define capitalism without speaking about the industrial revolution! The industrial developments truly altered the way products are delivered, and it created businesses for a large number of people. Despite the fact that the most punctual working conditions in the Industrial Revolution were frequently troublesome, hazardous, or undesirable, open mindfulness and social developments prompted better vocation measures. The outcome has been more secure working conditions, more attractive paychecks, and an essentially improved living for entire social orders.
Make no mistake, you will find this book highly practical, easy to read and you will find all of the information that might concern you. So buckle up and let us embark on this journey which will take us from the early stages of capitalism, to our modern day free market.


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