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Investment theory is the knowledge that helps you to take an informed decision as an investor while choosing the investment options that are for distinct purposes. Investment is pivotal in everyone’s life. Without investment, people need to face dire financial hardships. In fact, they need to make debts to fulfill their child’s dreams. Most importantly, people who have kids should invest in the right place and in fact they need to spend most of their money in investing at the best place to reap huge profits in the future. This investment will assure a bright future for their kids. In case of sudden death of a family member who earns bread and butter for the family would be secured for the rest of their lives, if the big cheese in the family have chosen right investment option. Basically, an investment is the money that is invested in buying assets to gain huge profits when sold in the near future or get the interest every month as a form of income. However, investment is in the choice of the individual. Few people will invest in the pension fund, while few invest in buying a plush vehicle, while few invest in real-estate, and many other invest in buying stocks and commodities. Though, stocks are risky, but if the trading is done is a tactic way, then people can earn a whopping amount than invested.
Ideally, when people buy an asset in an area where the real-estate boom is on the rise or when they invest money in banks, then they are assured to get some returns from the investment that are made today.
However, by reading this informative e-book, you will have a thorough understanding on the below crucial concepts of investment theory
Types of investments
What is an investment theory?
Theories of investment in securities
Seven different controversial investment theories
Popular theories of investment


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