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Each and every organization needs to develop a good strategy for public affairs. Public affairs have received such kind of importance in today’s world because no organization can survive in isolation. Every institution requires other institutions as well as the public that act as the customer, the decision-maker as well as the employees that can make or break the image of an organization. With the advent of technology, this task has become easier for managers. The information could be disseminated at a very low cost with the use of mass media and socializing websites. Creating a good image for an institution has become relatively much easier, but this comes with the negative fact that the dissolution of the image has also become an easy task. Public affairs have been increasingly given importance in the corporate world as increased competition has resulted in excess marketing and advertising campaigns that are used to create a Goodwill for the company. There are various tools under public affairs that are used by various organizations in order to fulfill their objectives and goals in the long run.


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