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Perfectionism is a concept. While it is true that there is no universal agreement on the definition of perfection, many people strive to attain perfection in everything they do. Like everything else, perfectionism has positive and negative sides. Perfectionists have produced some of the best works in the world. This is true in art, movies, sports, technology, etc. But there is a dark side to it. Perfectionists are obsessed with perfection. Inability to reach the high standards set by themselves leads them to low self-esteem, extreme unhappiness, anxiety and in extreme cases, depression. The root cause of many teenage suicides is the incapability to accept failures. Expecting perfection from their partner and kids jeopardizes the family life. Children of perfectionist parents have a troubled childhood. Adaptive perfectionism helps people to excel in their career or studies. With appropriate help, maladaptive perfectionism can be managed and perfectionists will be able to lead a more meaningful life.


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