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Mindfulness is the elementary human aptitude to feel own presence, i.e., being conscious of the point of the existence of self and the corresponding boundary of performance, posing complete rejection to the undue recognition or excessive activities, revolving around alarmingly. Awakening to the 3-pronged internal functional structure of the physical, mental and spiritual processes, lying dormant in an individual is the prime objective of mindfulness.
Mindfulness is naturally present in a person’s mind and soul, but it warrants a steadfast practice and exertion that should be included in daily chores. Then only, this abstract element can be viewed as a tangible object and mindfulness will complete its full circle.
Sometimes, knowledge is taken as lessons of what a person observes straight through senses or thoughts and perceptions. This indicates that a particular person is mindful. Experiments are always on the path of an impulsive run in displaying that an individual is reshaping the brain’s physical framework when the brain is educated to be mindful.


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