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Mental toughness is an ability to maintain composure, visualize the situation and think under pressure during difficult times and find ways of getting out of it. Mental toughness is a sort of step or measure an individual adopts when the time is tough and predicts success in a life situation or in sports. Hence, an individual overcomes a tough situation, regains confidence to attract success. Players have to learn the art of mental toughness and train them accordingly. If a player is not mentally tough, he/she can never make it to the big league. Success will be restricted if mental toughness is lacking or if the mind is not trained to handle tough situations. Some athletes can only perform well when there isn’t anything in line actually. If the game is balanced, they do well, or else they fail when the situation is tough. On the other hand, there are sportsmen who have average skills but a lot of mental toughness. They outshine even the excellent players and perform in a way that one cannot imagine. It is they who lift the cups in final matches, be it Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, or any other sport.


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