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Intellectual property has an increasing level been assumed to be playing a significant role with respect to the rapid pace of scientific, technological, as well as medical innovation that the world has been witnessing in the recent times. In addition to this, the changes that have been occurring in the economic environment on a global level have been also influencing the rapid development of different business models wherein the term intellectual property tends to be a central element towards the establishment of value and the overall potential growth. Intellectual property, as a result, has grown to be the largest as well as the fastest growing aspects of law in the world. As such, this fact also makes it essential for the increasing demand for professionals in the field of Intellectual Property to be well versed in the given field for dealing with IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) across national as well as international boundaries.
The domain of the term intellectual property tends to be vast. Only the particular IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) legislations could be included which tend to have some kind of direct relevance or importance to the profession of IPR or its study. Intellectual property gets divided into two broad categories: industrial property and Copyrights. Industrial property usually consists of the parameters like patents, inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, indications of sources on a geographic level, and so more. While, on the other hand, copyrights under intellectual property includes the factors like paintings, arts, literary, artistic works, and so more.


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