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The 17th and 18th centuries witnessed major struggles for freedom and the flow of powers to the civic. The Americans battled the British for a free nation and to free their thirteen colonies from the clutches of the English Parliament and King George III. Back in Europe the French rebellion upheaved the political system which left the continent shuddering when the French insurgents executed Louis XVI and his queen and established a Republican government. Among these vicissitudes in Europe and America there was another revolution taking its form which was to bring about a radical change in the history of all mankind. This revolution brought about a drastic change in the economics of America and Europe in all the sections; industrial and agricultural. The phase has been baptized as “Industrial Revolution”. As the economic changed from hands to machines there was havoc and instigated great tensions and even vehemence in the society. The alterations brought about by the Industrial Revolution took rapidity in around mid of 18th century.
Normally revolution happens in a short period of time but the Industrial Revolution extended over many generations and the changes were plodding. What actually happened could be stated as evolution however; if we look into the dramatic impact of the industrial drifts on the lives of the Americans, English and the Continent it was nothing less than a revolution.
It all started from England and the Americans caught on, later spreading the revolution to other nations of Europe. There were machinists, tinkerers and inventors who created new things and eased down the work for mankind.


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