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The human anatomy is a very vast and huge field. It is all about the study of the human body. But it is not restricted to only the main organs or the overview of the body. The human anatomy is the detailed study of the human body along with the smallest organs, nerves, cells, tissues- everything. It is very important to understand the basic theme of the anatomy. Here the discussion about the human anatomy is done carefully. Not just this, but also a good discussion about the various types of anatomies is done. There are many different types of anatomies, which are the sub-divisions of the main human anatomy. These sub-divisions of the human anatomy are very vital. They are very different from each other in many aspects. The simplest language is used to make the concept clearer to the students. The human anatomy plays a vital role in the medical field. All those who are somewhere related to the medical field, are required to understand the importance of the human anatomy. This concept is used in the medical field, in the health-related research and in many sections and domains of biology.
The human anatomy, which is divided into certain categories, is very significant. This division or categorization of the different sects of the human anatomy will help people to understand each and every aspect, separately.
The various divisions of human anatomy are the gross anatomy or macroscopic anatomy, the histology or microscopic anatomy, the physiology, the embryology or the developmental anatomy, the clinical anatomy, the living anatomy, the surface or the radiographic anatomy and the basic anatomy. The human anatomy is divided into all these divisions and the most basic of all is the basic anatomy.
The basic anatomy tells about basic idea behind the human anatomy. The basic anatomy is significant because, without having the knowledge of the most basic concepts, it is very laborious to understand the human body and its most complex structural details. So, the basic anatomy is a compulsion to be learned completely before one can learn about the human anatomy.
The gross anatomy or the macroscopic anatomy is another important aspect of the human anatomy. It is basically divided into two sections or approaches. These approaches are vital and needed for the understanding of the gross anatomy. The two sections or the approaches are according to the system of the organs and the region of the organs. Every organ has some different functioning and way of processing and each organ has a limited, decided area or portion of the body, where it works. These organs work according to the body needs also. These organs reside in a particular space in the human body and the system of each of them is distinct. The discussion on the gross anatomy or the macroscopic anatomy is done in the next few chapters for a better understanding. Along with this, the discussion about the two approaches is done, in a subtle way so that it can be understood properly.
In the next few sections of the human anatomy, the histology or the microscopic anatomy is also discussed. The introduction of the microscopic anatomy, the features and the functioning and the way of examining is also defined. The embryology or the developmental anatomy also has a significant role in the human anatomy, which is described precisely, in order to understand it well.
The other branch of the human anatomy is the living anatomy. The living anatomy and the gross anatomy are the two branches of the human anatomy, which are very different from any other branches of the human anatomy. The main reason behind this difference is that the other branches of human anatomy, needs the dissection method. The method or process of dissection is performed only on the dead bodies. This method is important to study the internal structure of the human body. In this method, students are trained to cut the dead bodies by the process of dissection, in order to understand the internal structure and internal functioning of the human body.


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