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Trust is not just a behavioral expectation, but it is an emotional disposition of the brain. Trust is the essence of all human relationships, including family life, business, politics, medical practices and romantic relationships. For instance, if one does not trust the family physician or psychotherapist, it will be much difficult to follow their professional consultations.

Trust is an array of behaviors, like taking actions that depend on someone else. It is a belief that a person is likely to behave only in certain contexts. Also, it relates to an abstract mental approach towards a statement that someone is trustworthy. Many eminent scholars have cited trust as a sense of fidelity and security that a partner cares to imbibe. It is indisputably a complex neural method that governs various representations into a connotative indicator that contains emotions.

Trust is a fragile pot made of glass that requires time and attention to maintain and can be broken instantly. People have always faltered in life, but they stood up and regained confidence and surged forward with having reposed trust in their compatriots.


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