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Intuition is a phenomenon that offers people the ability to know something instinctively without adopting analytical thought, striking a balance between human mind’s conscious and unconscious components, as well as between intuition and intent. Human disconcert is founded on centuries of social bias with the notion of focusing on intuition.
In the age of big data, it might seem like a subterfuge or inadequate process to rely on intuition what others consider spirit, instinct, a sixth sense, or a gut feeling. But according to a study of high-level executives, most business pioneers take advantage of their experiences and feelings when coping with challenges. And despite appearances, intuition is not an unconventional term specifically reserved for the realm of self-elating emotion. In reality, there is a neurological foundation for it.
When one understands intuition oriented science and how ideas can be affected, he can decide more readily when it is better to go with the gut feeling and when it is better to look at available data.


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