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Around 13.5 billion years ago, energy, time, matter and space had come to be known as the phenomenon of the Big Bang. The theory of the fundamental features of the universe is referred to as physics. Around 30,000 years when these features had appeared, energy along with matter had started the coalescing into various complex structures referred to as the atoms. These then combined themselves into bigger molecules. The theory of atoms along with molecules as well as its interaction is referred to as the chemistry. Some 3.8 billion years before, on some planet known as the Earth, several molecules had combined to result in some large and well-defined structures known as the organisms. The theory of the organisms is referred to as biology.
Around 70,000 years before, the organisms which belonged to the group homo sapiens had started forming even larger and elaborative structures known as the cultures. The development of these cultures is known as history.
The humans were present long before the time of history. Various animals like the homo sapiens of the modern times had appeared as early as around 2.5 million years before. However, for several generations, these organisms were not able to stand out from the various other organisms. The biologists have classified the organisms into specific species. The animals could belong to same species when they would have similar characteristics or would mate with their own species.
The homo sapiens have been kept hidden as quite a secret with respect to their exact origin and evolution. The homo sapiens are believed to have first evolved in the provinces of Eastern Africa some 2.5 million years before from the earlier genus known as the Australopithecus which implies “Southern Apes”. Here is the detailed theory about the possible origin and evolution of the Homo Sapiens on the Earth.


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