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The history of quantum physics can never be complete without a cursory look at the diverse works of various scientists, both in the field of quantum physics and quantum chemistry. The early twentieth century marked the origin of the quantum physics concept, and it has been developed over the decades to become a household phenomenon in the physics world. Today, quantum physics has several applications in various human endeavors both in space and on the ground. Some of the outstanding physicists that contributed to the development of quantum physics are Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Louis de Broglie, Erwin Schrodinger, Wegner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Max Born and several others.
It can be deduced that the concept of quantum physics cannot be pinned to a single physicist; it had been a work in progress, and several new discoveries are being made today in this field of science. The entire idea of quantum physics started from quantum mechanics. The various physicists mentioned earlier contributed exceedingly to several theories derived in quantum mechanics, but the term quantum physics came much later. Studies showed that the theories did not follow strictly logical ways in their developments. They were rather created from series of guesses that were inspired by the exceeding physical insight of the individuals involved. They could formulate the theories relying on their in-depth command of mathematical methods. These were combined to form theoretical edifice with an impressive predictive power. Thanks to their incomparable efforts in the field, quantum mechanics, and later quantum physics, has been labeled as the most successful theoretical aspect of physics ever conceived by human minds.
This script will closely consider the various stages involved in the history of quantum physics. Much attention will be given to the various scientists that participated, one way or the other, in the development of the quantum physics concept. Also, the various aspect contributed by each of these scientists will be closely considered. The script will remain as explanatory as possible, but it will not lay much emphasis on the mathematical equations involved quantum physics. Be that as it may, these mathematical equations will be explained as far as the scope of this script will permit.


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