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Internet is perhaps one of the most prestigious indispensable tools of modern times where people simply cannot imagine a life without it, or even the world without it. It makes planet earth go round and helps to move it forward. It is one of the primary essence of technological evolution. Every era has had its own indispensable tool – for us in these modern times, it is none other than the world-wide web.

Having such humble beginnings in the university campuses of American institutes in the 1960s, internet would soon become a global phenomenon, a concept and a medium on its own. Universities now teach the origins of internet and how it has shaped mankind in the last 60 years. It has its own nuances and the little nuts and bolts that need to be known and be aware of if one aspires to become a professional web designer. It is indeed a field of study and involves continuous scrutiny and observation if one needs to understand how this global phenomenon really became global in technical sense and how it governs almost everything we see around us.

In this book, a brief understanding of the origins and evolution of internet will be discussed and how it has grown to become one of the foremost tools for almost everything that surround people. In short, a brief, interesting history of the internet, and its evolution.


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