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Located in the heart of Western Europe since eternity, lies Germany bordered with Baltic, Rhine and the Alps from the north, west and south directions respectively. The east of Germany however, has no natural border which has caused much confusion in the history of Europe. It is a Sovereign state and has a federal parliamentary republic in the central-western Europe. The largest city and the capital of Germany is Berlin. Germany is also the second most famous human immigration destination after United States along with being the most populated member state of the European Union.
The Northern parts of Germany have been occupied by the Germanic Tribes since the ancient times. A certain region called Germania was recognised to be from before 100 AD. At the times of migration the Germanic Tribes expanded towards the Southern parts of Germany. In the advent of the 10th century the central territories of Germany had formed the Holy Roman Empire. 6 centuries later the Northern parts of Germany became the hub of Protestant Reformation.
Later in the year 1871 many of the German states united with the Prussians to form the German Empire. It was only after the World War I and the German Revolution which took place from 1918-1919 that the German Empire was substituted by Weimar Republic parliament. The institution of Dictatorship in the year 1933 was the reason for World War II and organised massacre. After a term of Allied occupation, two states namely, the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany, were founded. It was only in the year 1990 that the country was reunited.
Germany is a great power today, and has the world’s 4th largest economy. It is a global leader in various technological and industrial sectors along with being the world’s 3rd largest importer and exporter of goods. Today Germany has a high standard of living and known to be a developed country with a productive and skilled society. It supports, communal safety and health care system along with environment protection and free college education.
In this eBook we will learn about the history of Germany overall, how ancient it is and how it has come along all these years to stand where it is today.


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