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The idea of engineering has been present since prehistoric times when humans started shaping important creations like lever, wheel and pulley. Every invention is reliable with the contemporary explanation of engineering manipulating basic principles of mechanics to develop useful tools and objects.
The word engineering has been derived from the term engineer and dates back to around recently 1325 and the word engineer in those times meant or denoted to someone who was the constructor of engines. The term engine has actually become obsolete now as it is now referred to a military machine or in a more detailed description it was a mechanical apparatus used in wars for eg: a catapult. Engine comes from an old word used in Latin ingenium which means intrinsic quality, particularly cerebral power, hereafter an ingenious creation.
As time passed more structures like houses, buildings and bridges which required technicalities the term what we know as civil engineering was introduced to differentiate among those who were experts in building military machines and was called military engineering.
The term engineering has much depth and the discipline is extremely broad and comprises a variety of more dedicated types of engineering, each with a more precise prominence on specific parts of technology, applied science and types of application.


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