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Colonial America was the result of the efforts of Europeans who came to America to maximize the opportunity for their own nation in terms of wealth and to mark their presence all over the world. Spanish started invading in America and were first one to discover this world that was around them were Spanish. The thirteen colonies that framed into fifty states were having influence of the various neighbouring nationalities. John Cabot explored North America in 1497. Queen Elizabeth of England took the initiative to explore more about the place. The country has many unfold secrets as well as many milestones that were created and well-mentioned in history. Being rich in essential chemicals to make a soil fertile, the land of America attracted nations to perform farming. Tobacco farming is the one, that has worked as a great building brick for the colonial set-up. The profit made by farming Tobacco was enjoyed by the Britishers. The country shaped into a well-defined diverse colony having influence of many nations. The religious beliefs and the occupation that gave rise to African slavery framed the ideology of the Europeans who were now partially American. For creating wealth, British colony had explored the world and America was their first target. The country had many incidents, wars, take over by neighbours and variety of challenges. Every colony had its own founder and then the ruler. The major characteristics in the personality of the colonies were influenced by their own ruler, considering the religious belief and the way to trade.
It all started with the year 1585. In 1585, Roanoke was founded but disappeared mysteriously. This has been the most mysterious extinction of the colony and the historians are still having many unanswered question. It was the first residential set-up in America which vanished due to unknown reasons. Later, the curiosity to unfold the chapters of the land was created. The people in neighbouring nations had many thoughts and the work was initiated to Queen Elizabeth. In 1607, came the Jamestown and was the permanent settlement or the roots of the new nation. It was then, when the country was getting a proper colonial set-up. In 1620, Pilgrims found Plymouth Colony. The new start of the colonial set-up was initiated with the Pilgrims. In 1629, New Hampshire Colony and Carolina was founded and in 1630, The Puritans found Boston and ten other settlements and it was better known as Massachusetts Bay Colony. History says it was the best successful colony of the new world.
The country had a vast history of being A Colonial set-up and then converting into a free land. The independence gained bonded the colonies by converting them into states. The economy of the country is the ideal for all over the world. The number one economy had the influence of people all over the globe and got the history of its own. The country faced many issues to eradicate mal-practices which included death of people on the name of religion which were technically a murder. The government got its framework after the independence, the colonist was being harsh on the native with the only motive to get back to their own country with as much quantity of money as was possible. With the passage of time, the country realized that in the name of religion, they were being cheated and miss-treated at the same time. The countrymen wanted to be free from the unwanted tax and the false practices of the leaders of colonies. The country has a huge history, that had many wars, sometimes they lost, many times they won. The ultimate independence came with a future that was brightest among all other countries of the world.


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