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Is life barren of risk? A majority of the human population will surely disagree. The entire flora and fauna on earth are susceptible to big risk elements regardless of shapes and sizes. So are human activities in particular. A commuter risks being hit by an onrushing vehicle on a highway; a student is at risk of failing in the examination and also an entrepreneur is surrounded by a barrage of big risk factors that might lead to losing the entire capital invested. The crux of the matter is the degree of risks. The magnitude is relative and varies from individual to individual.
The million-dollar question is, can risk be foiled by any chance? It is like ceasing to exist, to say the least. A better option would be to stop thinking too much about it and take things as they come. Several times, failure comes naturally, but even that is beneficial too as an individual is enriched by bitter experiences and can take guard against any future setback by adopting sufficient preventive measures.


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