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It is not a secret that to attain success in investment, an investor would have to buy at low and sell high. Perhaps the problem is that most people lack psychic power. There are experts who can tell about some of the most common mistakes investors make and while it is easy to chase the hot possessions, it is the less obvious pitfalls to look out for. Because these less obvious, and sometimes almost negligible snares can lead to bigger consequences.
It’s easy to forget that mistakes are a part of life. Fortuitously, for most people, their ultimate mistakes in the workplace are small as compared to some of the biggest mistakes or blunders in the history of investments. For some, it could be comforting to know that even the richest can make costly errors but still accomplish great things in their life.
Every generation makes investment mistakes and others could learn from them. Sometimes an investor just goes with what he or she thought was the best, but that’s not always enough.


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