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In the history of mankind, sports occupy a very centre place in defining the era and cultures of a concerned time period. In ancient times, several sports sprouted up that have still existed, and some still keep themselves active. The Olympics has been with us for the last 3 millennia ever since Greeks ran the plain farms to engage the invading Persians, what we call as the battle of Marathon from which ‘marathon’ itself got invented. In fact, nearly every sport we see today has had some kind of old connection with it. Soccer is a medieval era sport, cricket got invented during Victorian times, baseball after the civil war in America ended and not to forget, golf that has possible Roman origins.
Considering the importance of all sorts of sports that have existed since antiquity, one such game that deserves our attention is none other than basketball. Basketball can very much be easily compared with its contemporary sport of soccer in regards to its following in the international arena and the nature of the game that is very similar to football. And yet, basketball remains one of the most overlooked sports in our modern times, in spite of its huge following. Official data suggests not less than 250 million people playing basketball every day spread across five continents. If that wasn’t enough then the official data by NBA and its partners nearly doubles that figure if thousands of schools, colleges and institutes that hold their own championships the world over are included in the aggregate.
Basketball is indeed a definitive concept and deserves its own account of history. From its humble beginnings in Springfield College of Massachusetts, it went on to cover a dynamic journey to rival soccer in not more than a hundred years since its inception.


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