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The history of inventions is in one form, the history of civilisation as well. This is because inventions are the only means through which mankind has pushed itself forward and is still keeping itself in momentum as years pass, keeping up with the process of evolution. Yes, the process of evolution indeed reinforces the human activity of introducing inventions.
Be it the importance of a wheel, or anatlatl, a telephone or an aircraft, every single invention that hs been included in this text has given new insights into the life humans have lived so far, and to a considerable extent, shaped up their lives as well. This is considering that there have been thousands of inventions in the past that have contributed to the history of civilisation in some form or the other. Indeed, the most prominent of inventions are still remembered as ‘life changing’ inventions today, and in fact, harness themselves into more modern forms as we keep up the process of evolution.
Indeed, when it comes to inventions, a compilation on some of the most prominent things ever invented becomes an interesting take, since it provides an explanation on where humans are presently located and perhaps, where they could be headed. It also does however, bring out the efforts laid out by certain individuals on making their dreams a reality. Some of these inventions have unknown inventors, for example, the wheel. Nobody knows who or when the wheel was invented, although much has become known of its exact dating. This single invention, that changed the course of human history sadly does not know its own inventor.
Finally, the conclusion to the preface follows with an introductory chapter on the book and the inventions presented in the text herewith. The text has been presented with 10 of the greatest inventions of human history, starting in chronological order – from the oldest to the most recent. A final conclusion note gives the finishing touch.


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