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Genetic gone through a breakthrough in the discovery that DNA would be the fundamental structure carrying the genetic information. Among the various work with this molecule, he stood out to Watson, Crick, Wilkins, and Franklin in 1953, which demonstrated the structure of the DNA double helix.

After the discovery of DNA structure, several other studies have been conducted to understand who was responsible for producing the proteins. The idea that DNA would be responsible for the synthesis of RNA and that this, in turn, would be responsible for producing proteins was postulated by Crick in 1958 and became known as Molecular Biology of the Central Dogma.

From these findings, many advances have occurred in Molecular Biology and directly affected the development of genetics. Among this significant progress, there is the technique of recombinant DNA, which is characterized by the ability to isolate a stretch of DNA and replace inside a bacterium to produce copies of this section. Thus, it was possible to make organisms produce substances of economic interest.

The advance of genetics completely changed the modern world, making it possible, for example, create clones, resistant transgenic crops to pests, perform paternity tests and solve crimes, map diseases and perform genetic counseling.

In this book on genetics, you will check the prepared topics below to see what’s new in the field of genetics and to understand the principles that guide this biology field


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