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To begin with, mindset is a customary bent of human assumptions to look at the things in different perceptions. Generally, it is viewed as two separate lines, i.e., fixed mindset and growth mindset. However, there should be enough clarity as to the terms for an all-embracing concurrence.
Fixed mindset vouches for hard work. Working hard has consistently been rewarded. Both hard work and smart work (growth mindset or progressive mindset) are pivotal in attaining success. The concern is not as serious as to how much value is assigned to a piece of work. The issue is whether natural ability has been overplayed or not. It is fine to contemplate on achievements of scholarly people and conclude that the reasons for success are built-in qualities.
Without certain inherent skills, the exceptional individuals, in any sphere, will possibly fail to reach the desired level. Alternatively, a majority of people invariably tend to overlook the truth that inner values alone are not sufficient to become successful in life. To be the best at anything pursued, both talent and diligence must go side by side.


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