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Customer Relationship Management is of a great use to the multi-level business arrangement. Its use can be dated back to the era of pre-industrialisation when its need was found for keeping track about the needs and demands of the customer.
Many advancements were made since the time but the term ‘CRM’ was finally identified in 2005. Till date the CRM continuously gets updated with the recent technological advancements made in the software department. This makes the CRM to be endowed with best of the features till date.
The CRM even keeps a database consisting of information about its customers personal details as well as the details about the purchasing interests of the customer such as like and dislikes for the item, purchasing history etc. Apart from this, the company also tries to maintain communication through social media platforms to keep themselves updated with the experiences of the customers about the use of their product. It is also essential for maintaining relationship with their customers (new or old) which reflects upon the organisation’s final output value.
There is a wide application of Customer Relationship Management in certain fields and its scope remains wide.


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