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Communication plays a vital role in human beings. In fact, this is the way to understand the society and human behavior. The human brain has the ability to capture the words spoken by the other person and respond. It is very difficult to imagine the world without communication. The social and behavioral events would be absent, if communication does not exist between human beings. However, communication takes place between human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine. A person can understand the desires and feelings of others only when communicated properly. For instance, you have a great idea to take the business to newer heights, but do not possess the communication boon, then how would you express? Isn’t it hard? One more example is that, you have hankered for something, but you do not have the power to express it, then life would become monotonous and in fact lifeless. You cannot express, gossip, or tell your ideas to others. Indeed, life would become meaningless and people have no role to play in the world. Communication is the breath of life and is a necessity for every human being. To express their views one has to communicate with the people. This helps them to understand what is in your heart and brain clearly to the people around you.
However, by reading this informative e-book, you will have a thorough understanding on the below concepts of communication theory
What is communication theory?
Various elements of communication
Framework of communication theory
Various communication patterns
Different types of communication theories
Categorizing communication theories


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