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Determining the value of a company in the market is not a simple task. The assumptions involved in calculating this value are the most diverse and include, in addition to the balance sheet items, other more subjective data and difficult to measure, as market trends, the strategies adopted, or even the human capital involved in business management. The complexity of the issue becomes even more on the fact that there is a multitude of different markets which are operated by companies of various natures. Given this enormous number of variables, there is the need to adopt criteria already used and tested by the market that allows establishing reliable parameters of measurement.

The goal here is to discuss the main methods to calculate the value of a company, which is the most recognized method by the market, its main development stages and what benefits we conduct a review. The concepts presented here apply to any size business, including small and medium. This e-book describes the principles of the calculation process of corporate values and explains the differences between assessment practices and accounting practices in the United States and other countries. Illustrates how to maximize shareholder value and demonstrates how the value-based management helps to improve the development strategies and shows the managers of all levels, in any business, creating value for your business. Also includes A chapter with ideas on the strategic advantages of management based on the value. Strategies for the evaluation of companies with various businesses, international companies and corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. International capital cost comparisons, differences in accounting procedures and the way the evaluation of companies operates in different countries. A detailed case studies showing how the technical and valuation principles are applied. This Brazilian edition includes a deepening of the technical assessment of real options and the challenges of evaluation in emerging markets.


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