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People who desire to stay mentally competent and focused sometimes end up feeling polarised and stressed out in this age of multitasking.
A powerful memory depends upon health and vigor of the human brain. Regardless of a student, a busy professional or a senior citizen involved in everything that demands attention, there is a lot to be done to augment the memory and mental representation. The human brain has a remarkable adaptability and transformation including old age memory. Neuroplasticity is what the specialists term this kind of brain capacity. The brain can create fresh neural pathways with the right stimulation, modify existing relationships, and assimilate and respond in ever-changing aspects.
The extraordinary ability of the brain to reorganize itself is true as far as cognition and memory are concerned. A person can take advantage of the natural power of neuroplasticity to increase cognitive skills, improve the ability to learn new information, and develop the memory irrespective of age.


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